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Industry & Professional Accreditations

In an increasingly competitive world it is sometimes no longer enough just to be good at what you do. To stand out amongst your competitors - or indeed just to be allowed to compete in your own market - you may need to achieve some form of accreditation or industry standard.


It can be a laborious process to say the least and, depending on the field in which you wish to work, can require the involvement of industry specialists who tend to come with hefty daily rates. 


Whether it is the attainment of a recognised quality standard (such as ISO 9001) or the production of a compliance document/ application for a trade association, I can help with the structure or the finer detail. Should additional help be required for a particular specialism then I will at least make sure you are in a position to minimise costs by having the majority of the 'groundwork' done before higher cost resources are brought in.


As with most forms of communication, applications have a much higher impact when they have been completed with care and with a thought to representing the company in its best possible light. In many cases you get only one shot at hitting the standard and the time invested can frustratingly all have been for nothing if a submission is rejected. 


It may be that you would like to investigate which accreditations would be most advantageous to your business, either now or in the future. I can advise on the options available and break down the features of each on a 'cost versus benefi't basis to allow a more informed decision to be reached.








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A very common problem for directors of small businesses is a lengthy 'to do' list

The main issue facing most business owners is the conflict between what they WANT to be doing and what they NEED to be doing. With required tasks overtaking desired activities by quite a stretch, a happy business owner is sadly becoming a thing of the past!

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