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This is perhaps the most difficult of item within my service offering to explain in text. Most of the clients who come to me asking for help know that something is just not working well within their business. Some have a good idea of what the issue might be, or where its origins might lie, but others simply can't quite put their finger on what is holding them and their company back, restricting growth and aspirations. For some this might be due to a clash of personalities causing an awkward atmosphere, a cluttered working environment, a constantly ringing telephone or the need to face a growing 'To Do' list containing mundane (but nevertheless time-consuming) tasks.


"Most directors have a great passion for their company, but being the boss doesn't mean you always enjoy going into the workplace...."


The most noticeable symptoms of malaise experienced by company owners and senior managers is frustration and a general feeling of being overwhelmed, perhaps even wanting to avoid contact with employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers or everyone!! It's a 'back to school' feeling in the pit of the stomach which can most definitely take the shine off business ownership.


There is no template which I can apply to every business. In order to fully understand the root(s) of the issue I need to spend a little bit of time in the office environment, getting to know 'who does what' within the organisation and looking at each individual step within general business procedures and within the customer journey.


Perhaps you've been enjoying huge success and have only just realised that the foundations of your company might need a little bit of maintenance to support further growth. It's so much easier to recruit new staff when you have a system in place for induction, appraisal and development and any potential concerns of existing staff can be addressed by the issue of job descriptions, operations manuals and company standards. Some areas may need the input of an HR specialist but risk and on-going costs can be controlled by having good base-line documentation and a sound structure already in place. 


If you want to take control of your business, free up time to concentrate on its progression or basically just want to start enjoying your work again then make contact now on 07599 176217 and we can arrange to meet for an initai, no obligation chat. 


Consultancy at a glance:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Employee/ job role/ training issues
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Identifying and achieving business goals


Pam Marr


07599 176217




A very common problem for directors of small businesses is a lengthy 'to do' list

The main issue facing most business owners is the conflict between what they WANT to be doing and what they NEED to be doing. With required tasks overtaking desired activities by quite a stretch, a happy business owner is sadly becoming a thing of the past!

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