Positive Press Business Consulting
Positive Press Business Consulting 


Create the time and space to do the strategic planning your business needs to grow and succeed.


Feel truly organised and ahead of the game.


Represent your business in the best way possible, using clear and effective communication.


Inspire confidence in new and existing clients.


Make sure your employees utilise strengths, add value to the business and remain happy in their work.


Create a harmonious and productive environment.

Welcome to Positive Press

When I first started Positive Press I wasn't entirely sure how to accurately describe the services I offer under one 'umbrella' title. The brief can vary so widely from one company to another and, whilst there are common threads running through the service offering (think planning, organisation & communication), the individual tasks are varied and very particular to the client's unique business needs at any point in time. In some cases there is a specific situation which needs to be resolved quickly, in others there is simply a feeling of the business having lost momentum - the solution to an issue isn't always complicated and very often it only needs space, time and reassurance to be discovered.


I included the word 'consultant' with some hesitation as it is sadly a term often used to increase the day-rate by a factor of 10! In my case it represents the fact that from day one of working together, a consultative relationship is formed; that means questions and answers are going in both directions, only truly relevant advice is offered and an opportunity is created to sound out new ideas.


If you are expecting to pay many of thousands of pounds for 'blue sky thinking' I'm most definitely not the consultant for you. If, however you want to get some serious work done in an efficient, timely manner and be in no doubt about who's still the boss then Positive Press can help.


Regardless of whether you need some help with putting together content for your website, copy for a mailer, structure for an operations manual or support on the more 'day-to-day' aspects of your business, we can work together regularly on a retained basis or ad-hoc with competitive hourly, daily or project rate options available. Since I hope to provide you with solutions my aim is to be as flexible as your business needs and I am happy to work remotely or in the workplace as part of your team.

At last - the Positive Press website has arrived

....and it's about time too!!

May 18, 2016
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