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You and your company may communicate with your clients, employees, suppliers and wider market  in a variety of ways. A company web-site is perhaps the most obvious means of getting details in front of a large number of people, but even in this electronic age there is often still the need to produce printed material and utilise more traditional communication routes. In addition to a number of options regarding the medium to be used there are also many variations in the kind of message to be conveyed; news updates, sales offers, safety notices or sensitive matters all need to be handled in a very specific way to ensure that the sentiment is not misconstrued by the audience.


To many the thought of sitting down with pen in hand (or keyboard at the ready) is daunting. More often than not we all know what we want to say but find it difficult to put in writing without losing the original feel or content of the subject being tackled. 


"We're such a great company, use us!" may be what you feel you want to tell your potential clients but it's a statement that doesn't quite look as good on screen or on paper and may just suggest a lack of professionalism! Better to provide the detail to allow the reader to come to that conclusion themselves through carefully targeted (even subtle) information than to blurt it out in such a crude way.


Even for those who have the skill and expression to do justice to the written word, time can be the limiting factor. There are few who have the kind of workload which allows the uninterrupted hours required  to put together a letter, brochure, website or flyer, especially those needed in a hurry or being 'chased up' by another member of the team. It is entirely possible that I can tackle in one hour a piece of text which might have taken someone closer to the business the best part of a day to complete. With an adequate amount of research and learning about the business and the ultimate objective of the communication I can get straight to the point in an efficient yet interesting manner and represent you in the best way possible. 


Regardless of whether your needs are technical, commercial or a mix of both I will provide the perfect text and structure to accurately record and promote your product and services, make your point or address your concern exactly as you would wish to have done yourself. 



Where clear communication is key

  • Web-sites
  • Brochures
  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Scripts
  • Applications
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Instructions
  • Tenders


Pam Marr


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A very common problem for directors of small businesses is a lengthy 'to do' list

The main issue facing most business owners is the conflict between what they WANT to be doing and what they NEED to be doing. With required tasks overtaking desired activities by quite a stretch, a happy business owner is sadly becoming a thing of the past!

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