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Positive Press is essentially me, Pam Marr. Whilst I work with a number of other trusted partners to compliment my own offering, it is predominantly me who my clients see, work with and and recommend to others!



So what puts me in a position to advise you on your business and how to make it better? To sum it up in one word - experience. My background spans technical and commercial disciplines and involves over 20 years within the corporate world; not an ideal environment for everyone but one in which I was given the space, opportunity and support to learn, develop and hone my skills.



How we got here

Having completed my degree in Applied Chemistry I spent the first 12 years of my working life in the water treatment industry where I saw the coming together of chemical technology, engineering, microbiology, customer service, legislative compliance and finance - quite a mix! This was enough to keep me busy and saw me make a gradual move from the technical aspects of industry to the more commercial considerations; making a multi-layered corporation effective, competitive and successful across all of their markets on a pan-European stage.


When the time came to seek new challenges I was lucky enough to be able to make a step change and entered into the world of advertising. As a national Business Development Manager for Yell Group it was my responsibility to consult with large media spenders and develop products and packages which could not only generate significant revenue for my employer but also result in a great return on investment for the client.


The common thread within these two very different areas of employment was the potential they presented for me to undertake quite specific projects with very visible outcomes and work with diverse groups (or 'stake holders' if you prefer business jargon) to achieve a common goal. My 'eureka moment' I guess was the time when I realised that being able to produce a solution for a group of people or a hitherto dissatisfied individual, regardless of whether they were colleagues or customers, was the best reward I could seek. Troubleshooting through consultation - not a catchy job title, but one which I knew would play a part in my future career.


Minding language

As an aside to all the fun I was having with technical and commercial aspects of business, it also became very apparent quite early in my working life that I was more than just a little bit particular about language and its use - both written and spoken - in business communication. Always the one to be asked to read over letters or sense check important e-mails, I was soon aware of the fact that my insistence on good grammar, accurate punctuation and interesting content was not necessarily run-of-the-mill stuff outside of the literary world! Copywriting was therefore something which came to me almost by stealth rather than being a conscious career decision. As it turns out the combination of technical aptitude and sales & marketing writing skills is not as common as you might think.....


Achieving Positive results

Positive Press has now been my place of work for just over 8 years and was born from a series of requests from past clients to assist them with the set up and expansion of their companies. In laying the foundations for a number of new franchises I soon realised that the need for good business knowledge, high standards, an enviable level of organisation and consistent,concise communciation was one which I could meet; a very enjoyable role for me and hopefully a valuable resource for those businesses who simply need a helping hand.




A small selection of the clients I've worked with most recently...


Pam Marr


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A very common problem for directors of small businesses is a lengthy 'to do' list

The main issue facing most business owners is the conflict between what they WANT to be doing and what they NEED to be doing. With required tasks overtaking desired activities by quite a stretch, a happy business owner is sadly becoming a thing of the past!

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